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equipment supplier services

We manage sales aid finance programs for equipment manufacturers, distributors and suppliers.

We help to increase sales for suppliers by offering finance to end-user clients and prospects at the point of quotation.

As we are in the fortunate position of being able to arrange facilities that other institutions cannot, this enables end-users to acquire equipment as soon as it is needed.

We can design equipment rental programs for the supplier to enable their clients to avoid using their capex budgets.

Our multiple funder approach works extremely well with the supplier model, as we are able to add value to blue-chip clients and young companies alike.

We work very closely with Berkshire to provide financing options to our clients and prospects, as they have the broadest range of products and a very high level of customer service. They attend all of our sales meetings and exhibitions, as they play an integral part in our sales process.
— Peter Holliday, CFO Clarke Energy

Our proudest example of Berkshire's reputation is that for almost two decades we have managed the prestigious Clarke Energy customer financing program, exclusively arranging facilities for their clients for the Jenbacher range of combined heat & power gas engines.

Clarke Energy are a long established global company with a market-leading range of products that are the beating heart of any serious gas-based project. Their engines are renowned for their vastly superior performance and reliability, whilst their support organisation is unparalleled in the industry.

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