We won’t try to lecture you on FITs and ROCs, or the need to provide alternative sources of energy, you are here because you have a need that we can probably fulfil.

Our proudest example of Berkshire's reputation is that for over a decade we have managed the prestigious Clarke Energy customer financing program, exclusively arranging facilities for their clients for the Jenbacher range of combined heat & power gas engines. Clarke Energy are a long established global company with a market-leading range of products that are the beating heart of any serious gas-based project. Their engines are renowned for their vastly superior performance and reliability, whilst their support organisation is unparalleled in the industry. We would be happy to facilitate an introduction if you are considering a project that requires minimum downtime.

Since 2001 Berkshire has been financing waste to energy projects, materials recycling facilities and more recently anaerobic digestion (biogas). From individual assets to whole project finance, we can help where the business plan is right. We are happy to have a confidential telephone conversation or meeting to see if we can add some value; thereafter we would look to negotiate a solution on your behalf, which can be finalised surprisingly quickly once we have full business and financial plans in place.